Warnings & Disclosures

Listed below are the Terms Of Service for using www.debtfreehelp.com, information about our privacy policy and disclosures about our services.  If you disagree with any of the items please immediately exit our website and never return.

Our services require an approval of a Senior Manager after you have participated in our 60 point Account Validation intake process.

Terms Of Service

We offer no guarantees or warranties to our services and each Account Validation program is unique.  We offer a full 100% money back guarantee in our Client Program Agreement if you qualify that will be explained to you directly.

Site Usage

We are tracking you.  100% of the time you are on our website.  We are not engaging your electronic device for the purpose of data gather but rather examining your behavior as you navigate our website.  We also collect your personal information if you complete a intake form on our website.  At this time we are not selling any data received nor are we directly receive any revenue from your use of our site unless you are qualified to purchase and Account Validation program.

We are not a debt relief agency, debt settlement agency or a debt relief law firm.

If you require further information please call 1-888-888-8888 and ask to speak with our Risk & Compliance office.

Under no circumstances are secret shoppers allowed to call our toll free number.  Any company or individual attempting to steal or obtain proprietary information on our services will be immediately charged with theft and we will seek complete prosecution under the law.  We will also seek to collect $1 million dollars for each violation of our company policies.

We are fully TCPA, FDCPA, FCRA, FCBA and FTC TSR Compliant.  We reserve the right to issues new notices without any consumer warnings regarding our services and changes to our processes.

It is a choice to use our services.  Please choose wisely.